I’ve designed tons of adaptable templates to art articles and create visual cohesion for collections of similar content. The templates are meant to work with a wide range of image sources, from product and brand photography to photos from the editor or a photographer. Each uses site-specific branding and takes into account CMS specifications for crops. Once set, I train editors and digital designers to use the templates across their assigned content. Here are some examples of the Photoshop templates and how they are used in content.

Lifestyle Round Ups

photoshop document

With retailer images running the gamut in quality, style and content, this template ties together two images from different retailers under the Best Products branding. You can swap out the best retailer images as the product selection changes over time.

style articles on best products

What Editors Tested

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Runner's World started a new franchise to showcase the products editors were using in their daily lives. The lead art updates every month with new photos that the editors take, with texture and pattern to make the design look cohesive and to elevate phone photos.

what we tested articles on runners world

Beauty Reviews

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Designers can select the Best Products color palette and shape layer they want, then silo product shots from the retailer to show off what's in the roundup at a glance.

beauty articles on best products

I Tried It Franchise

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This template highlights a product that the Best Products editors love in an approachable, friendly way. For the horizontal crop, you can include a brand image, and keep the mobile crop on the editor's faux Polaroid.

mobile mocks of i tried it articles

Books Roundups

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This clipping mask book template allows the covers to shine in an arrangement that works at any crop, and with any number of slides in the listicle.

books round ups on biography